You know that the level of service and quality of experience you provide your clients as a boutique photographer far exceeds what is delivered by a digital-file photographer. Yet your potential clients likely don’t know the difference. It’s time to change that. When you earn the distinction of CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™, clients will easily recognize the advantages of working with you because of the standard of excellence you are certified to provide.
A CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ is a professional photographer who has passed the rigorous testing and qualification process to be among the best of all boutique portrait photographers in the world. Unlike other certifications, the CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ goes beyond measuring your knowledge of the craft of photography. The CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ is a thorough evaluation of your business practices, client experience, and marketing. It distinguishes those photographers who have invested in themselves and provide a superior client experience from those who are merely passionate about photography.
Photographers who earn a CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ distinction do so:
  • To challenge themselves to achieve the highest level of certification available for a boutique photography business owner.
  • ​To separate themselves from less qualified photographers whose business practices and professionalism do not meet the rigorous standards of a CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™.
  • ​To establish client trust and superior value for the quality of the products and services expected from a CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™.
When a client is choosing between photographers, a CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ will have an advantage. The level of trust and confidence this distinction implies will not only help you book right-fit clients, but it will help justify your prices.
The process to become a CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ is rigorous and is done at your own pace. You have one year to complete the program. 
1. Apply for acceptance
2. Enroll in the program
3. Complete course curriculum
4. Pass formative and summative assessments for each module of study
5. Submit images, assignments and materials for formal review
Once all evaluations have been successfully completed, the photographer will earn their CBP Certified Boutique Photographer™ designation.

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